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3 Reasons the law of 33% Works

In life, regardless how badly you are struggling. There are people out there who are having tougher time than you are. To these people you should help them in any way you can. It is truly rewarding that you are in a position to help someone. This constitutes the 33% below your level. However, there are people who are at the same level as you are. These people they can be your peers. They can help you and you can help them. Either learning through exchanging ideas or getting to business deals. You are complementary to one another. It also consists of 33% of your life. Moreover, there are some group of people who do not need your help, but you desperately need theirs. These people are way knowledgeable or wiser or even way ahead in their business than you are. If, you want to grow to some level. You need their know-how to scale at your personal and business growth. Life is meaningful to those who grow themselves. So, the other 33% are above your level. Bonus, 1% remaining is about not forgetting to express gratitude. Failure to express gratitude will ruin all of the above.