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5 Core Ingredients to Art of Fulfillment

In most instances, you come across people who don’t know that they don’t know. If, anything we have learned from past sages is that unexamined life is not worth living. Therefore the first fundamental core is Self-knowledge. 1-Self-knowledge There is no defined path to self-knowledge. It is a combination of people you met, the books you read and the places you had been. Most important of all is a growth mindset. Because none of the above mentioned makes sense to a fixed mindset person. There is an old saying that chance favors the prepared mind. Likewise, self-knowledge also is acquired by the seeker of it. 2-Self-investment Self-Investment is a lot to do with personal decisions in growing oneself to a degree that attains mastery of becoming resourceful. Going to school or university like everyone else does not confer you the leverage of any kind. What you have done outside of them that makes you stand out. Such as reading books that aren’t taught at school. Experimenting with different skills helps one to even find a new passion. 3-Self-reliance One of the common challenges most of us face is the ability to take care of ourselves. While job security is necessary, because of the bills we have to pay. The path to freedom is partly financial security. And to gain financial security; it depends on the value you can offer. 4-Contribution The reason, we believe in the contribution is that no one has made on her or his own. Everyone at some point received help from someone or some people. Hence, helping others to make through is helping oneself. Thus, giving back is one of the surest ways to sustainable success. 5-Fulfillment Striving to live life to the fullest is not an easy task and certainly only a few achieved it. A fulfilled life is when everything falls in its place as it was planned. You look around and you have the least regrets about life. 6-Legacy This one is a bonus. It is not among the aforementioned. Deeds are not only for here but also hereafter. In order for people to continually benefit after one has long gone. It is generous to set a system that perpetuates, if possible. As a whole, self-knowledge is a guiding principle to a happy life. In order to succeed like the lucky few, self-investment is the fuel. Once, you learn about yourself and you decide to invest heavily; sooner or later you will become resourceful and then, you can be self-reliant. From there, you start thinking about how to support others and enjoy life as things get easier.