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A leader is not a manager

Years ago, I was thriving in personal growth and I had a boss to look up. I really admired him for his knowledge and his code of conduct. I always rushed to him for advice whenever I had a personal growth question. One day the position of the personal facilitator was open. That means the personal facilitator will be a direct assistant to my boss and I could not believe my luck. One of the things makes me happier is working under the leader that I saw him as a role model. There were many applicants, but I share many of his core values. So, I knew a lot of his expectations and well prepared to face during an interview. I did fairly well the interview. I felt like long healthy conversation. To my disbelief not only I didn’t get that position but rotated me to a new team. A lot of things lingered in my mind. I did not know any of my new teammates and certainly what kind of new boss I will be having. It turned out that my new boss was a kind and sweet lady from the first impression and I started liking my new peers. Just in a matter of weeks, I had been learning at scale and my new team is funny and helpful as the one I left. Months later, I came across my former boss during lunch time. He seemed eager to talk to me and I was thrilled to have time with him. He said “you have so many creative ideas. That is why, I sent you to the creative team where you can thrive and prevail”. Something that I realized from personal experiences and the books I read is that a leader is someone who can see in us what many of us do not see in ourselves. That is because leaders by default are people-oriented. On the other hand, managers have no time for people and they are almost free from empathy. Thus, a manager is not concerned about people instead, he focuses on position and dictates his rules to get things done by hook or crooked. The main difference is that a leader reads people and put the right people on the bus and put wrong people off the bus. The book good to great gives us insights on this. The manager is effective in short term but a fatal failure in the long run. Aside from employees’ issues; he will face ethical dilemmas. A word of warning, in order to get the right boss or leader; one must be the right employee or follower!