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TodoheartAcademy is a digital learning platform that teaches the most needed subjects of today and the future growth mindset of society. It emphasizes largely on entrepreneurs, leaders and thirsty students of knowledge. It is an inspiration to a whole new level of personal development. The primary reason todoheart academy exists is because of my late elder brother. When he passed away suddenly; I wanted to dedicate the rest of my days to up bring my siblings ‘kids born and unborn alike. Because I felt no sibling had the privilege and support of his siblings as I did. Therefore, the least thing I can do is to raise their kids to be an ideal uncle and that is either pursuing a career in the army or become a merchant. As I was preparing for the journey; I reflected back upon his lifetime, two things came to mind; one is his devotion to God and another is his passion for education. So, I went to University not to get the meaningless a fancy piece of paper called the degree, but it is a way of keeping him alive. To keep him alive is to do the things he loved. Then at University, I was faced with reality whether it is a place of knowledge and wisdom to exercise freedom of mind or it is a place designed to produce factory workers who are good enough to do paperwork and run machines and take orders. While this system works perfectly for many people and had total relevance during the industrial revolution; some of us believe that it is too limited to call education. Mark Twain was right when he said: “I have never let schooling interfere with my education”. Thus, true education is self-education and mastery through experiential learning imbued by passion or purpose to realize one’s fullest potential. In this day and age, we can unleash and reach our fullest potential via the right means of our era. And reach those who have passion for education to improve their lives and lives of others. It is also a tribute and an act of gratitude to recognize those who helped us to be where we are at. I'm, not the only one who lost siblings and my nephews aren’t the only orphans. So, to all those who lost loved ones worldwide that their impact on us must be carried as they were alive.